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Book a locker

For how long can I borrow a locker?

We have 2 kinds of lockers at the library in Gothersgade:

  • Lockers on loan for 2 months.
  • Lockers on for 6 months. Such a locker is for you who are writing a thesis at the University of Copenhagen. Bring your signed Master’s Thesis contract, when you collect your key.

We have a total of 191 lockers at Gothersgade.

Who can borrow a locker?

All students at the University of Copenhagen can borrow a locker at the library in Gothersgade.  If you want to borrow a locker for 6 months, you must have your Master’s Thesis contract signed.

How do I borrow a locker?

  • You order your locker in REX. Look for “skab samf” and choose either an ordinary locker which you will have for 2 months, or a thesis locker which you will have for 6 months. Remember to bring your University of Copenhagen ID-card, or your signed Master’s Thesis contract, when you collect the key for your locker. 
  • If the locker is free, just inquire at the information desk and get your key immediately.
  • If the locker is reserved, you must wait until you are told that it is free.
  • Then you must collect the key within 8 days.
  • Your reservation concerns all lockers and not just the one that you have ordered.

Please remember that:

  • The library accepts no responsibility for the items in the lockers.
  • The library charges a fee of DKK 650.00 if you do not return your key.
  • Please forward any questions you may have to the above to Thomas Hoffmann or Therese Møller