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Nordic researchers are among the best in the world. However, apparently there seems to be a discrepancy when it comes to exposing the high quality of research within the fields of humanities and social sciences.

That is why the institutions supporting wish to contribute to create the infrastructure that makes open and free access to research in these areas possible. We feel that this will lead to a number of advantages in electronic acessibility and visibility of these areas of research. The goal is to provide access to Nordic research through a free, open, and online full text repository. The archive is a “subject repository”, containing research publications in the form of pre-prints, re-prints working papers, conference reports, invited review lecture manuscripts and more. is technically a part of the French national research council’s archive HAL, and the system is run by the research councils computer center CCSd.

Nordic partners

The archive is developed, maintained and marketed by Research Support Service at The Royal Library / Copenhagen University Library and Information Service. The project consortium consists of:

  • The Royal Library / CULIS
  • Gothenburg University Library
  • The University of Copenhagen – The Faculty of Humanities
  • Lund University: Lund University Library
  • Museum Tusculanum Press
  • Stockholm University Library
  • University of Oslo
  • Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS)
  • Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen (NIAS-partner)
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim (NIAS-partner)
  • Asia Network, University of Turku (NIAS-partner)


Nordbib has funded the project twice: In the spring of 2007 (DKK 287.000) for setting up the archive (Project 1) and in the spring of 2009 (DKK 375.000) for a project on marketing and author rights (Project 2). Project leaders on Project 1 were Jesper C. Mørch and Bertil F. Dorch (both KB/KUBIS). Project leaders on Project 2 were Simone Schipp von Branitz Nielsen (KU), Marjatta Sikström (Stockholms Universitet) and Ingegerd Rabow (Lunds Universitet).

Link to the report.