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25 February 2010

You can help us choose our e-books

KUBIS has received free access to new e-books from MD Consult in a trial period until May 1st. We will be using the trial period to gain experience with “User-driven buying” - a model where we only buy the items users actually need and will use.

When libraries have purchased printed materials, they had to guess which books and journals their users needed. This quite naturally results in a number of books which are never used. With the new buying model, users can find e-books in our online catalog REX, before we have decided to purchase them. Users receive immediate access, and when the trial period has expired, we can purchase the e-books that are needed, and which will actually be used.

In addition to finding the new e-books in REX, you can see a full list of the e-books we have on trial here: E-books from MD-Consult - free access for all students and staff at the University of Copenhagen.

The E-books are designed so that they also can be used on SmartPhones. Feel free to contact the library staff if you have any questions.