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Avoid Plagerism

Stop Plagerism: a tutorial for international students in Denmark about plagerism and how to avoid it.

A single learning process

SWIM: illustrates the connection between the information search process and the writing process.

Information Navigation

The Library test: Can you navigate the jungle of information? And how do you become better. Test yourself.

Study techniques for your field of study

Study techniques vary depending on the field of study. Check out what will improve your study habits.

Get the most out of your study. 12 short videos from the Faculty of Social Sciences containing advice on study techniques - can be applied to any field of study.

Find more material at The Teaching and Learning Unit of Social Sciences.

Student counseling

Are you looking for information about admission or courses at The University of Copenhagen, or are you stressed-out and afraid of entering the examination room?

The student counselors are ready to help. 

More information for international students.